Lisa King

 Lisa is the Group’s lead vocalist. She was born, raised and continues to call the Tampa Bay area her home. Lisa’s singing ability came naturally as a small child and while she has no idea where her phenomenal voice comes from, she considers it God given.   She began singing professionally when she was just 18 years old. She played in a couple of bands before auditioning for a group, which included Dave and Mike. The group Party Lites, played mainly in the mid 70’s and of course their main theme was top forty music, which included a lot of disco. The group played in and around the Tampa area and traveled throughout the east coast. Lisa with her smooth and pleasing voice really stood out in the band. An article written by the Tampa Tribune’s music critic notes her talent and charisma.  It’s a special keepsake that Lisa treasures.

 When the  tour with Party Lites ended, she, like Dave and Mike left the music business and took a full time job, which she recently retired from.

 Eventually as fate would have it, she ran into Mike at a local restaurant where Mike was playing. Unbeknownst to her Dave had recently connected with Mike, which Mike mentioned during a brief conversation. Soon after Dave and Lisa connected and the three of them decided that starting a band to do local parties, festivals, weddings and whatnot would be a lot of fun.

 Lisa is actually the culprit who came up with the name Gotta Groove after much consternation within the group in deciding a band name. However, all the members concurred that the name definitely fit the group as the “groove” is always the foremost concept discussed in the group’s rehearsals.

 Her musical influences are Trishayearwood and Barbara Streindsand. However, as of late she has also begun to be influenced by such artists as Etta Britt, Adele, Sade Aretha Franklin, and The Staple Singers to name a few. Musical Groups would include, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, The Eagles, Don Henley, and Megan Trainor.