Kurtis is the group’s bass player and one of the featured vocalists. He is also the baby of the group, but definitely has an old soul when it comes to music. That may be due to the fact that both his mother and father were full time musicians playing music in clubs in the Boston area in the late 70’s. As he says he used to hear all the songs from the 70’s and 80’s which definitely had a huge influence on him. In fact he recently recalled that he remembers being in his crib as a child and hearing his mother and father practicing. If you were to ask him who was his greatest musical influence he would probably tell you the Beatles. As he calls it they just had so much “fidelity”. Their song writing and vocal harmonies were simply “unparalleled”. Well is there anyone who could argue with that?  However, Kurtis like Dave also has a great love for soul. Kurtis has mentioned on a few occasions that he can remember his dad, whom he refers to as a “funk bass player of the 70’s” listening to Tower Of Power records over and over.

 Kurtis moved to the Tampa area from the Boston approximately 10 years ago and has made a name for himself in this area as a lead vocalist, backup vocalist and amazing bass player . According to Kurtis he lost his “Mojo” for music for a short period of time and was not playing at all. However, like many others, eventually that itch returned and he discovered himself playing a little and eventually full time again.

Kurtis came into the band after responding to an ad Dave placed looking for a bass player who loved soul. Kurtis answered the ad and there was no looking back as he fit the band perfectly on many levels. According to Dave he knew Kurtis was the right person as soon as he read his responding text.

 Musical Influences: Kurtis describes in addition to the Beatles, he mentions other bass playes like Barry Oakly, James Jamerson, Steve Berlin and now most recently Rocco, with Tower Of Power. Other groups would include, The Funk Brothers, Chicago, Bootsey Collins, Alman Brothers.