Dave, the Band’s Drummer, was born in Tampa. However in his late twenties he moved to California to study music. While there in the late 70’s thru the mid to late 80’s he played with one local group based out of San Jose California, while studying with legendary drum instructor Chuck Brown. Dave eventually left the music business after being offered a great career job in a new field of work. As he noted it was hard in a way to quit playing music and drums after so much work and dedication, but the new career job had so much to offer that he simply could not refuse. Dave continued to live in California for over 30 years until he eventually retired from his job. After retiring he began to rediscover his love for music and began to develop a yearning to continue with perfecting his craft of becoming an excellent drummer. In late 2014 he sold his house and moved back to Fl. due to the cost of living being much more economical. As fate would have it he connected with some old friends, which eventually lead to contact with Mike and Lisa. They decided to form a group soon thereafter and Gotta Groove was born.

 His musical influences are huge and to numerous to mention all of them. However, a few would include, teacher, mentor, friend instructor, Chuck Brown. Another friend, mentor Frank Ramos, whom Dave met while in Fl and continued to play with in California was also had a big musical influence. Other artists would include: Tower Of Power, Dave Garibaldi, Motown musicians, groups, James Brown, Clyde Stubblefield, Bernard Purdie, Harvey Mason, Stix Hooper, The Crusaders, Larry Graham, Don Henley, Ray Charles, Maceo Parker, The Band and numerous others. Dave loves any music that displays great musicianship. However, like the song says, “he loves soul with a capitol S”.