Rob is a veteran keyboard player originally from the Denver/Boulder area. Active in band and choir throughout his grade school days he knew early that music was his passion. He studied piano and composition at Colorado University Denver Campus. His composition teacher was Emmy and Grammy recipient Patrick Williams, who has many TV and film credits, and was the Musical Director/Arranger-Conductor for Frank Sinatra’s final studio recordings Duets and Duets II. After college Rob found himself busy in several high-profile bands along the Front Range of Colorado. He plays all genres of music for whatever project or live performance he is doing. In the early 80’s he was pioneering the use of MIDI (multiple instrument digital interfaces) in live performances and in recordings. The ability to trigger multiple sounds from one keyboard and add their layers to a band has been a strength of his, along with his accomplished piano skills. He continues to perform with groups who can adapt their show to any occasion’s requirement. Any song, from ballads to boogie-woogie, from the Great American Songbook or a Billboard Top 40 request, he has worked hard to provide exceptional accompaniment. Leon Russell, Les McCann and Dave Brubeck are a few artists from his younger years who were of great influence on Rob’s piano style. Contemporary artists who he continues to follow include Chuck Leavell, Matt Rollings and Marcus Roberts. From 2009 – 2016 Rob played in a jazz trio in Denver. Their repertoire included bebop, Latin and swing standards. He enjoyed the improvisation element to his trio work and the great jazz clubs in the Denver area he performed in. In 2016, he moved to the Tampa Bay area with his lovely wife to enjoy being close to her family and life at sea level.