About us… 


Gotta Groove is comprised six mature, professional and experienced musicians, who pride themselves in providing a wide variety of music to please most everyone for any occasion, whether it is a private party, wedding, concert or outdoor festival event. Whatever the occasion, the Group’s theme is simple: provide a great groove which is both fun to dance to and or listen. The band has an R& B base, which permeates just about everything they do.

The group has tremendous live energy about them and passion for what they do. They are truly entertaining to just sit and watch if you like, however, don’t be surprised to find yourself having a hard time sitting still. They love to entertain the audience and take great pride in seeing that everyone has an enjoyable time.

Kurtis, who also plays bass and helps anchors the rhythm section is the group’s featured vocalist. He has a strong natural voice, which will tug at your soul and leave you wanting to hear more. He also takes great pride in singing great harmonies in backing up other members of the band.  While Kurtis handles the bulk of the group’s vocals.   Dave, the group’s drummer and Tom, one of the group’s guitar players also sing lead and backup. Mike the group’s other guitar player, also sings lead on a few songs and back up as well..

The Group’s musical influences, which is both heard by the songs they play and the way they play them include such artists as: Tower Of Power, Macio Parker,  Stevie Wonder,Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Delbert Mc Clinton, James Brown, , Muddy Waters, Aretha Franklin  just to name a few.